Meaning of 'Hitonomori'

The word 'Hitonomori' is our creation, which literally means 'A forest consisting of people'. A forest is an eco-system which nurtures various types of plants and animals in a sustainable system and grows gradually. This image of a forest best fits the image of our business style. Forests are indispensable for human life and also are symbols of our environmental concern.

Our commitments

We have three commitments.

  1. To attain a world without poverty, through the integration of business and international cooperation;
  2. To attain a global society without discrimination, through respecting differences of each person and culture; and
  3. To share a part of our business profit with society.

Main services provided by Hitonomori Co. Ltd.

We have two main categories of services concerning international or cross-cultural issues, and other mainly domestic services. Our main services include international cooperation in development and cross-cultural human resource developments.

Other domestic services include promotion and management of websites, advertisement on websites, promotion of various products produced by local people, publication, etc.

Our new services "Experience Japanese culture at Hitonomori House"